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Rainbow Nut Butter

Lemon Creme Almond Butter White Chocolate Treat

Lemon Creme Almond Butter White Chocolate Treat

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Indulge in the irresistibly delicious Gluten Free Lemon Creme Almond Butter - a popular nut butter loved by all! Made with freshly sourced almonds, this spread is a heavenly blend of nutty and tangy flavors that will leave you craving for more.

  • Gluten Free: Made with high-quality, gluten-free ingredients, it's perfect for those with gluten intolerance or allergies.
  • Lemon Creme Flavored: The tangy twist of lemon creme adds a zesty punch to the rich and creamy almond butter.
  • Packaging: Comes in an easy-to-use jar that ensures safe storage and preservation of the spread.

Use it as a spread on toast or bagels. Or add it to your smoothie bowl or protein shake to elevate its flavor profile. No matter how you choose to enjoy it, this almond butter is sure to give your taste buds an unforgettable experience.

  • All Age Group Friendly: Perfect for people belonging from all age groups as there are no age restrictions on consuming this product.
  • Made in the US: This product is proudly made by manufacturers based in the US ensuring top-notch quality standards are met!
  • Cupboard Storage: This spread can be easily stored inside cupboards without consuming much space

This jar contains 1 lb of Gluten-Free Lemon Creme Almond Butter that has a shelf life of 1 month.


If you're looking for something indulgent but healthy at the same time then give this creamy delightfulness well-deserved go!


The perfect blend of almonds with lemon cream flavor can make any boring dish super scrumptious.






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